Don’t judge a bookshelf by its covers

You know what I am talking about, everyone has them. Books that, while loved and treasured, you really don’t want to put on full display. An ill-advised purchase of The Rules, an old gift from Mom in the form of Our Bodies, Ourselves, a twenty year old copy of Are You There God it’s Me Margaret. Or any title that, well, doesn’t contribute to the vibe of an awesomely together babe. What is an awesomely together babe to do?

While meeting a friend for lunch one day,  I wandered into a nearby furniture store and stumbled on the perfect solution. Who says there is only one way to display our beloved hardcover and paperback books. A bookshelf that not only says I read! but adds an air of mystery as to exactly what.

With the bindings reversed, a stack of hardcovers becomes a way to showcase art or other objects you want to display.

A great idea for those who want their shelves to be matchy matchy with their room. Only show the spines of the books whose colors or look goes with your decor. It can also make a room less cluttered looking.

And for those pesky paperbacks, especially if the spines are bent or illegible, just stack them up with the book open the first few pages and tie back with raffia or ribbon. Stack same size books or stack them larger on the bottom, smaller on the top, for a pyramid look.

Tell me what you think? Do you have any creative ideas on displaying books?

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