The gift pantry

Stock photo by Pixmac

I am a firm believer in the gift pantry. It has saved my gift-giving ass more times than I can count. The gift pantry is simply a place to keep items purchased, made or found that you give as gifts in the future. I started keeping a gift pantry when I lived in an efficiency and was saving for my first home. And well, let’s be honest, even before then my paycheck did not strech far.  Still doesn’t.

My gift pantry was originally one cabinet in an old Ikea dresser. In it I placed candles, frames and other small items to be used for gifts when needed. If I found the perfect gift for a friend in July and their birthday was not until November ( a month where I swear almost everyone I know was born ) I would place my find in my pantry. Because as we all know, if we wait for the event before shopping, the moment we begin to looking, the more elusive that gift  becomes.

I also always check the clearance and sale racks. I am a single gal with a mortgage and spoiled dog to take care of so when it comes to spending, I have to be frugal. Generic items like frames, candles, soaps, lotions are perfect for hostess gifts or last minute gifts for someone you might not be expecting a gift from. The key is, only buy something to give that you would want to get. There is a difference between being frugal and being cheap. We like to air on the side of frugal.

The gift pantry is something we will re-visit throughout the year, and touch on when discussing go to gifts, signature gifts and regifting. For now, just find a space. It can be a box, a shelf, a drawer. Be sure it is somewhere others won’t easily stumble upon. If space is really an issue, find use a storage box of bin, just be sure to make sure it is not see through.

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