The Scoop…

The last three posts began with “I” so let’s make this one about somebody else. Here are a few sites and ideas that caught my eye over the last week.

Check out Traditional Home’s tech girl Laura Heller’s piece on a few designing ways of looking at Apps. One App overlooked and my latest addiciton,  Hipstamatic.

If you have not picked up Architectural Digest in a while I suggest you check out the latest issue. Former Elle Decor editor-in-chief Margaret Russell shakes up the venerable publication with a breath of fresh air and a little fashion sense.

I love this DIY from CasaSugar. A great idea for those boxes of photos you come across at flea markets and a great conversation piece.

Total non sequitur:  I have been working diligently on seeking out the positive in as much as possible over the last year. But deep down, my inner cynic needs to be fed……thank you Misery Bear, you are awesome!

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