Savoring a uniquely sweet moment.


Sometimes, when you are approaching life a la mode, you need to stop and savor a moment. As important as it is to relish in the beauty of a simple act, it is just as important to relish in the beauty of a single moment. I experienced a  wonderfully profound one the other week.

Just over a year ago I adopted a Chihuahua and pug mix from a Knoxville animal shelter. She was a rescue from a puppy mill and the shelter had named her Unique. I opted to give her a new name, Sadie. While well intentioned, the moniker Unique seemed a bit too much of a tongue and cheek comment on her distinctively lopsided under bite. A trait that was not considered cute, more unique.

Fast forward to more than a year later. I took Sadie to the vet on an recent  Friday morning. After years of neglect, Sadie’s teeth were in dire need of a cleaning. The vet prepared me that Sadie might lose a few teeth, including that distinctive canine. Out of nowhere, I panicked. Sadie couldn’t lose that tooth. She couldn’t lose that canine that defined her beautifully distinctive lopsided under bite. When I picked Sadie up later that day, she had two less teeth but to my relief her canine was still there. Her Sadieness was intact.

And then it happened. Sadie did what she has done over and over again for the last year. She taught me a little something about myself. If I could see her lopsided under bite as a beautiful gift, a gift as wondrous as Mona Lisa’s smile. Then why couldn’t I see what I thought of as my own flaws as just as beautiful. The freckles I hated as a child, the fingernails I can never manage to grow and the multitude of physical and emotional scars that never seem to fade. Aren’t they just as beautiful?

Perhaps, looking at myself through Sadie’s eyes I will start looking at my flaws as features that make me beautiful, beautifully unique. And I can’t think of anything lovelier than unique.

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  1. I like your blog even more now! My precious dog’s name is Sadie too! She’s the love of my life! Sounds like your Sadie is the love of yours too! Aren’t dogs such a special blessing?!

    So, our dogs share a name, you’re a fan of my friend Cathleen’s etsy shop, and you’re for the cure … love it! (p.s. – I noticed the link to my 3-Day webpage isn’t working. It’s
    Thank you again for linking up to it! Hopefully it will help. I’ve got a long way to my goal still! : )

    And last, I have no clue what you look like, but here’s the truth:
    “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    your works are wonderful,
    I know that full well.” Psalm 139:14
    God made us all beautiful in His sight … it’s just hard for us to see that sometimes when we look at our own reflections. His works ARE wonderful, including you, me, and even our spoiled pooches!!

    1. Aw, thanks, Sadie has a way with everyone, I am constantly amazed how many people, not just us dog people, she has brought into my life. And thanks so much for your kind words. I have updated the link and it should be working now, many thanks!

      1. Gracias! You’re really awesome for doing that! Look forward to browsing through more of your blog later!

      2. Oh, you are so welcome, really, it is easy for me to include. I do hope you enjoy the blog, it is fairly new so it is pretty short but I have had some positive feedback.

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