A simply smart start to the week.

Real Simple

Having lived in a small efficiency apartment for the better part of 12 years, I have a great appreciation for any object that can serve more than one purpose.  And when it comes to living in a tight space on an even tighter budget, finding multiple uses for everyday items is a necessity. So when I happened upon Real Simple: 869 New Uses for Old Things: An Encyclopedia of Innovative Ideas for Everyday Items, ($27.95) I danced a happy dance.

Here are a few wonderfully Real Simple ideas with a an A la Mode twist after the jump…


Stock photo by Pixmac

Wine glasses

Real Simple: “Elevate tea lights or plain votives. For romantic lighting that may go with your table decor better than those old brass candlesticks, place candles in a thick-walled wine glasses. Set the candles in a thin layer of sand or small pebbles, both to anchor them and to make wax cleanup a snap.”

A little A la Mode: Flip the wine glasses on their head and use the flat bottoms as a place for the candles.


Real Simple: “Pump up your pancake presentation. Pour syrup from a small teapot instead of a plastic bottle the next time you treat someone to breakfast in bed.”

A little A la mode: Warm up the syrup before pouring into the teapot. Next, steep the teapot with boiling water to warm the syrup up. To steep the pot just bring water to a boil, pour a cup or two of the water into the teapot and swirl it around the inside of the pot. Pour the hot water out before pouring the syrup in.

Wrapping paper

Real Simple: “Create a festive, disposable table runner in minutes. Cut a sheet to the desired length from a roll and make zigzag edges with pinking shears. Secure the paper to a tablecloth or a table with pieces of double-sided tape.”

A little A la Mode: Save wrapping from gifts (or even previous disposable table runners) and cut the paper into equal sized squares. Tape them together using double-sided tape and make a festive disposable runner or place mats in a diamond-shaped patchwork pattern.)

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