Living Art meets A la Mode

Living Art

After being inspired on Sunday, I found myself leafing through Living Art by Olivier Giugni.  Giugni is a floral artist as well as founder and owner of L’Olivier, a floral design atelier in Manhattan. And while I might not have the means to employ Giugni, this collection of his work provides an abundance of inspiration.

The reader is taken on a spectacular floral tour of homes and hotels, including Giugni’s own. The many arrangements featuring specialized blooms, twigs, fruit, leaves and vegetables are easy to interpret for those of us on a supermarket budget.

Living Art has two sections that stand out as a floral A la Mode. First is the section Recipes, filled with step-by-step pictorial guide on how to carry off some of the high impact pieces in the book. Second is General Tips, which includes color palettes and seasonal natural elements that are easy to incorporate in any bouquet.

Most important is how the love Giugni has for his art comes through. His designs inspire this reader to look beyond the standard blooms in a vase and challenging them to think horizontal, vertical and every angle in between.

Here are a few examples. When my budget allows, I will scan these and a few more images in since my iPhone does not do them justice.

A square composition of one aspidistra leaf and 16 red roses.
A three-tiered gueridon holds a feast for all the senses.The design packs an extra punch to make up for its brief life.
The design packs an extra punch to make up for its brief life.

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