It’s that time again, time for an I know, I suck…

A lovely heart shaped stone embedded in the bike path Sadie and I walk on everyday.

Hi all, my apologies for only updating the blog once this week. I really do want to post and have some wonderful things lined up for you but at the moment I am finding myself unable to actually process much of what I want to write. Stress, as we all know, is a fickle mofo, and currently mine is manifesting as agita, insomnia and the inability of concentrating on any one thing longer than a moment. The fact that my apology has made it this far amazes me. Though I am now wondering if the decision to lower of one of my anti-depressents may have been made a little too hastily.

One wonderful remedy right now is my Lenten promise. And though I am behind in number, I am slowly making my way through and managing to at least put down on paper, for a moment here and there, all the wonderful people who bless my life. This and my giant bottle of Tums have worked wonders. I promise to return shortly.

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