Coffee: A case of the sads and a story of redemption

Drink milk in your coffee? Try putting it in the cup first and then pour the coffee. You get a more toasted taste with the coffee heating the milk rather than the milk cooling the coffee.

Sunday morning, while filling my coffee maker’s glass carafe, I realized there was a small hole on the bottom. I sighed, sadly. I’m not good with disappointments early in the morning, particularly before  my cup of coffee. Now, I do have french press so my ability to make myself a cup of coffee was not affected. Just my ability to make a good one. Big sads.

I sprung to action and went on the search for a new carafe.  I found not one for my particular model. At least not one in the DC Metro area. I toyed with the idea of  purchasing a new coffee maker, after all some were the same price as a replacement carafe. But after much back and forth in my head, and a call to my sister, I opted to track down the replacement online. I was going to be damned if I throw out a perfectly good coffee maker. And in an attempt at a semblance of frugality, I was going to be damned if I purchase a second coffee maker to get me through six- to seven-day delivery estimate. So, for now, I am damned to make my morning coffee this with a french press.

Now you might be wondering where I am going with this. Stay with me, I promise, I have a point. 

So fast forward to now while I am researching the recommended size of ground I want to make for a proper cup in my press.  And it was on this internet search that I was reminded  all of the opinions, preferences and emotions that coffee stirs in people. Civilizations have been built on it, wars fought and people enslaved. Entire industries are devoted to the growing, brewing and drinking of this most wonderous nectar. And in addition to all the socio-economic and historical aspects of the beverage, Coffee, my dear friends, is freaking awesome.

So join me this week in celebrating this wonderful gift that is coffee. With films, books, crafts, musings, recipes and more. I think we will both be the better for it.

3 thoughts on “Coffee: A case of the sads and a story of redemption

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  1. whaaaatttt? French-press coffee is awesome and magical! Some would argue more true to the full flavor of the bean and its oils. The only drag is the clean up since there are no nifty filters to keep the grounds together.
    I like to mix my coffee routine up…… straight drip when I’m feeling routine. sometimes I add a little cinnamon or ground cloves to the grounds before brewing if I’m feeling zesty. On days when I have more time to relax with my cuppa, nothing beats the luxury of a French-press. And on special occasions I break out the Mukka, my little stove-top Italian latte maker. Mmmmm.
    So, yes, let’s celebrate coffee! And here’s to finding your replacement carafe. 🙂

  2. Oh how I always get the urge to french press when my hubby is away on business… I guess because I can brew just enough for myself and I don’t have to fight over the servings with another coffee lover or could it be I am in need of a fabulously fresh cup of coffee to keep me going while I am taking care of two little ones and a dog on my own? Either way, I don’t feel as though I celebrate the french press often enough and now after reading your entry, I shall dust it off and french press the remainder of the week {could it also be because my hubby just flew out today for finland?!} Shhh… don’t tell him what I’m up to… cheers.

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