Cravings: Blending coffee with the artisanal and eco-friendly

Coffee Bean Soap

So what do you get when you combine creativity with coffee? An artistic blend of awesome.  I love me my and when it came to working with and recycling coffee, packaging and accessories, the artisans at Etsy have come up with some original, stylish and earth friendly approaches.

HeartJCreations has combined the exfoliation powers of coffee with the skin soothing balm of cocoa butter. Her handmade soaps, including the coffee bean soap retailing for $4.49, are made with natural ingredients including natural oils, shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, olive oil and, of course, coffee. The shop will be taking their products on the road with craft show appearances in Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia this spring. Check out their store for details.

More wonderfully creative and green products after the jump……

Pretty Flower Coffee Cuff

I try to be green, but more often than not, I end up purchasing my coffee in a disposable cup. At least I can keep those boring, cardboard sleeves out of the nearest landfill.  Little Bird Creations out of Austin has created the Adjustable Pretty Flower Coffee Cuff in chocolate, $7. Each adjustable cuff is made with eco felt – made from post consumer recycled plastic bottles. If flowers aren’t your thing, Little Bird Creations offers other designs including Songbird,  Monsterlicious, Ampersand, I Heart Photography and I Heart Sewing.

Recycled felt french press cosy

From Remadeshop out of Glasgow, I found a beautiful recycled felted lambswool french press/cafetière cosy, $29. In charcoal grey and stitched with a collection of cream and white vintage buttons, the cosy is adjustable. It is finished with a grey blanket stitch edge in grey organic cotton, I love the idea,  I have seen many a cosy for teapots, but one for a French press? So simple its genius! Yes, I am only just rediscovering my press and I am sure there are many designs out there from mainstream retailers, but are they as cute and crafty? The cosy also comes in pale grey and with a flower design.

Large coffee sack basket

Tres eco-chic! This large coffee sack basket, $34.99, is functional and stylish. The BrinandNohl shop out of Oklahoma use recycled coffee sacks and design with the sack’s black typography in mind. Each basket is lined with a sturdy, reclaimed / upcycled cotton canvas. In addition to baskets the store also offers pillow covers in the sack material and vintage military wool.

Go Green Patchwork Purse

Okay, all I can say is Brilliant! This Go Green Patchwork Purse from Green Designs by Lisa, $35, is made with a variety of recycled coffee bags. The material that keeps your grounds fresh also make this bag durable and waterproof. And it does not stop with purses and coffee. Shop owner Lisa also designs  wallets, lunch bags and gift bags from juice, candy and chip bags.

Spring Flower Coffee Filter Lampshade

Okay, when the carafe I ordered finally comes in and I use my drip machine, I WILL be saving my used filters. Though I doubt I will match the beauty of the Spring Flower Coffee Filter Lampshade, $86, by Lampada. The recycled coffee filters are applied to the glass in the shape of a flower. The filters are in their natural colors – dried, cleaned and cut one buy one by hand.  A coat of varnish is a final touch. Love it!

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