Tip-toeing through the tulips with Sadie

Sadie and I went on our usual morning walk on Saturday. Even though the first day of Spring was officially a couple of weeks ago, it has been rainy, cloudy and cold. Temperature in the mid-40s with an overcast sky. Winter, it seems, has had a hard time letting go in the Mid Atlantic. I brought in a bouquet of tulips to work last week to fight against the last vestiges of the winter blahs. One of my colleagues remarked that tulips were his favorite and when I asked why he said simply, “because they bring Spring.” I thought about that this morning, and, for me at least, it is true. Daffodils tease, often blooming amidst the last snowfall of the season. And pansies, well, they are just as comfortable in autumn as April. But tulips, tulips are Spring.

So Sadie and I walked in the cold drizzle and deliberately welcomed Spring. We spotted the emergence of the colorful bulbs blooming, took in the smell of the softened earth they stirred and listened to the cheerful morning songs of birds who have finally returned from their Winter vacation. I am sure there is some meteorological, ecological or environmental explanation as to why the sights, sounds and smells of Spring all come at once. Or is it we don’t notice the birds singing or the earth waking up until we see the tulips in full bloom? Who knows. What I do know is that Sadie took a little longer, lingering over the earth’s musty smells and I lingered over each tulip, appreciating its simplicity and sweetness. Spring is finally here and Sadie and I plan to enjoy every last bit of it.

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