Cravings: Tulipieres


I discovered a new word – Tulipiere. I had never heard the word before. I came across it while researching the tulip’s influence in design and if there were any particularly special ways to display them. Guess what? There is! And how surprised was I to learn I actually have a tulipiere, or rather, I have my Mom’s crystal one. And for something designed to showcase the simple beauty of individual flowers it has an awfully fancy name and a rather exotic history. I will be picking up some more tulips this week to put on display and revel in their individual beauty. But for now, I have found a few of these wonderfully fanciful vases for you to enjoy.

(Above) Fine White China Tulipiere, $37.95, from According to their site it is “inspired by the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation’s collection of 18th century English Ceramic Vessels.”

(Left) Lotte van Laatum, a designer from The Netherlands has designed three Tulipa vases. According to the designer, the vases’ shape is derived from traditional Dutch tulip vases and the pattern is based on the traditional tulip patterns of Turkish kaftans. The red color refers to the color of the first tulips that were brought from Turkey to The Netherlands by Dutch diplomats.

(Right) Unica Home features the Klein/Reid hybrid series tulipiere designed by Klein Reid. The traditional vase is reimagined stylishly modern and functional, easily serving as both centerpiece and serving dish. I love the look of this vase and can only imagine how beautiful it would be with fully bloomed roses. Tulipieres are not just for tulips you know.

And for the fan of contemporary, glass and steel, there is the Vase D Avril, $275, from The Conran Shop. This vase is composed of 21 test tubes that can come together in a bunch or form “a flexible line.”

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