Beautiful things come to those who wait.

The Ness vase has a selection of channels that allow you to choose where you place your blooms.

I found this beautiful tulipiere earlier in the week. I fell for it, I fell hard. It was going to be the centerpiece of yesterday’s blog post and it was going to be fabulous. Now, I do not post images on my site unless they are mine or I have permission so I emailed Graham Johnston in Glasgow to ask if I could use the exquisite image of his Ness vase on my blog. And then, nothing.

Now, when I say nothing I mean I did not receive a reply immediately. Forget that I sent the email at midnight, forget the time difference, forget that I myself have many an unopened email in my inbox. Sending an email from my blog is not like, say, sending an image from Dwell or Elle Decor.  I am 99% sure my email address screams SPAM. So in my hubris, I mourned my loss of a wonderful image and went on to find something that would do. I ended up writing up a post featuring some equally stunning tulipieres.

According to the artist, the vases are are suitable for a range of flowers, particularly fresh tulips and cala lilies.

And then there it was, sitting in my inbox, an email from Mr. Johnston, graciously allowing the use of his image. It arrived in my inbox promptly at 7:30 a.m., not much more than 24 hours after I sent the request. (Seriously, I mean,  really, who do I think I am?) And damn it all if it did not happen again. I had to learn a life lesson. Crap.

If I had received permission instantly  I would have ended my search there. I would have been happy. And why wouldn’t I? Just look at them! Gorgeous. But I would not have continued my search. I would not have discovered that there are myriad tulipieres, all new and beautiful and waiting to be discovered. I fell in love with a gorgeous vessel and my heart broke a little when I thought it might just be out of my reach. So with bruised ego, I picked myself up, dusted myself off and got back to my search. And you know what? It all turned out okay. I have my image and now I can share his wonderful artisanship with you. And because I did not receive it the very second I decided that I needed it in my head, I ended up receiving another wonderful gift. I was reminded that we don’t always get what we want the very second we want it. That we should not wallow in our perceived misfortune the moment we perceive it. That all good thing, like this lovely vase, will come in their own good time. Who knew?

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  1. Thanks for your diligence and appreciate for copyright 😉 Also, I had never heard of a tulipiere until now – thank you for opening my eyes to an amazing vase. Just lovely!

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