Cravings: Egg meets Etsy

Grandma in her chair. To the left of her head are the living room drapes. To the right, one of my brothers is sporting a truly awesome shirt. Ah the 70s.

Growing up, we used real, hard-boiled eggs on our Easter egg hunts. But the entire hunt really only involved my parents and older siblings hiding eggs in the living room for us younger ones to find. A reliable place to look was on Grandma. Yes, I said on. Perched in her armchair, she contentedly sat, legs crossed with one hand raised for easy access to her True Menthol and her other hand holding her cup of tea. She provided an ideal environment. Her Toni home perm alone cradled many an egg safely and securely. But I digress. These were quick hunts, lasting only a few minutes. And the eggs would be returned to refrigerator swiftly. But if you tend to participate on longer outdoor egg hunts or want to leave your decorated eggs out for display, here are some beautifully and creatively crafted eggs to enjoy with none of the risk of foodborne illness. Woo hoo! And of course, they can be found on one of my favorite sites,

First, in honor of  Grandma, a beautiful Pysanky, designed by GoldenEggPysansky. The artist, Gail, specializes in Ukrainian egg designs. This particular one, called Cristy’s Egg, $40, is “blinged” out with glass ornaments. Each egg, in this particular case, a duck egg, is hollowed out. Each egg is then hand drawn in pencil and then redrawn using beeswax and finished with a high gloss liquid resin.

These six Pink Paper Eggs, $8, from tripleCdesigns aren’t just cause for celebration, they are made for just cause. All proceeds go to the shop owners friend who is participating in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk for the Cure. And tripleCdesigns has been gracious enough to offer Living A la Mode readers free shipping. Just use the coupon code alamode at time of purchase. You can also donate directly by just clicking here.

These handmade felted eggs by maddyandme (six for $20) are all wool, felted by hand and adorable! Available in magenta (pictured), blue, grass and marigold and are the size of an extra-large egg.  Maddyandme also features some beautiful felted bowls to display these colorful creations.

A set of five Egg Rainbow Crayons, $7, from art2theextreme is brilliant way of giving something fun at Easter without contributing to the sugar overload. The eggs are made from recycled crayons. Designed by an art teacher specifically for little hands to hold easily, the crayons measure 2 1/2 inches wide by 2 inches high and 1 inch deep.  In addition to eggs, crayons are also available in the shapes of  flowers, stars and people. Very crafty.

For more of an interactive Easter egg experience, the Blue Amigurumi Crochet Easter Egg, $12, from unatuna is simple and sweet.  The crocheted egg is 3 1/2 inches tall and 1 inch wide and comes in blue, pink or white. Cute yellow chick included.

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  1. What a great post! You mentioning that your grandma used to “hide” eggs in her “Toni home perm” seriously made me laugh out loud! I’m Vickie, Komen for the Cure 3-Day walker, the friend that Cathleen of tripleCdesigns … and now you have so graciously plugged! Thank you! And, thank you for posting a link directly to my webpage too! Really really appreciate it! : )

  2. Oh – this is just wonderful! And, the thought of hiding eggs on grandma is fabulous (particularly in the Toni home perm 🙂 what a great sport she must have been. Thank you so much for including my shop in your reminiscing and references. It’s an honor.

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