I know, I suck, but look! One more egg!

Yes, I know, I suck. Here you are, checking in. Wanting to find out what obsession I am all about this week. You are too kind, really. Too kind. And because you are too kind, well, I end up, sucking. Because while I felt like a I had all the time in the world to begin the week on Friday, I am looking at the last 30 minutes of Sunday with nothing. Well, not totally nothing. There is my egg.

You know the egg I am talking about. The one I blew out. The one I cleaned with vinegar and dried on my windowsill for a week or so. The egg I decorated with small bits of magazine and Modge Podge. Yes! That egg. Well, there it is. Above. Not bad huh. Alas, I wussed out on putting money in it. I did not trust that the money would become part of the egg itself. And I am not made of money after all. Mostly a variety of carbon elements and diet Pepsi.

Now that has me thinking. Wasn’t it just Earth Day? In all my obsession on Easter, eggs and grandmas, I totally missed it. Well, better late than never. So this week’s obsession of Earth Day combined with me not having money to decorate my egg? Well, I will have to ask you to continue your kindness by waiting and you’ll soon see.

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