Cravings: Tea time illuminated

This is why I wish I had more than 550-square feet in my condo and why one day, Sadie and I will have a beautiful home overlooking the beach with enough space for a tea room. It will be just down the hall from our gift wrapping room and junk room. Who needs a junk drawer when you can have an entire room! Oh yes, that goes on the wish list too.

Anthropologie’s Tea Time Chandelier, $1,800, designed by Robbie Cook, showcases 18 vintage teacups, an arrangement of vintage silver trays, utensils and, of course, a tea pot. Seven lights illuminate the piece. I love the tea cups and wonder if they are detachable. But that is more for space-saving reasons. And if one can have an entire room devoted to tea, space-saving seems downright silly.

More images here ….

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