A la Mode on the road: A used bookstore, a dust cloth and a dream come true

I love used bookstores. Stumbling on a title that I have wanted to read. Or better yet, one I didn't know existed. Oh yes, and stumbling on a book I can afford. Sadly, I hate actually being in used bookstores. The mildew smell, the dust, the eye and throat irritations are bad enough but I hate feeling like I am... Continue Reading →

Cafe au almond

When you become obsessed by something you find there really is no off switch. And that goes for any type of obsession. My obsession with the Real Housewives franchise. My obsession with pretty stationary that I never end up using. My obsession with Brazilian actor, Rodrigo Santoro. Okay, maybe that was an overshare but watch Love Actually and I... Continue Reading →

Almond glow

  Living a la mode is all about taking the ordinary to the extraordinary but without any extraordinary expense or fuss. So, by combining some common kitchen pantry items, you can make your own almond inspired body scrub. And if you are like me, and save a few glass jars, you will also have on hand a thoughtful... Continue Reading →

Almond joy

The almond, originally from the Mediterranean region and south Asia, is a nut of many talents. You can eat them, drink the milk of  them, and beautify yourself with its oil. They can be roasted, toasted and buttered. Even the inedible parts of the nut are used and for cattle feed and as a fuel source making them... Continue Reading →

A recipe for achieving ecstasy

First comes the desire. It begins with the faint scent of the forbidden. Next, arousal. That tingling sensation you welcome in breathless anticipation. Finally, the taste. You shudder as you welcome that unique and longed for ecstasy. Yes, you know what I'm talking about even though you pretend not to. Those two little words that can make a sane woman... Continue Reading →

Just a reminder ….

....that an imperfection is not a deterrent to love inspiration, admiration and beauty. More often than not, it is our imperfections that, while not defining us, contribute to who we become. So revel in your imperfections. They are what make you unique. And you are uniquely wonderful,  like chicken jerky. Sadie - philosopher, warrior poet, Chug

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