Cafe au almond

When you become obsessed by something you find there really is no off switch. And that goes for any type of obsession. My obsession with the Real Housewives franchise. My obsession with pretty stationary that I never end up using. My obsession with Brazilian actor, Rodrigo Santoro. Okay, maybe that was an overshare but watch Love Actually and I dare you not fall in love with him. Impossible, I know. But really, there is no explaining obsessions, no rhyme or reason to the subject or the time span. So in the midst of my almond obsession I woke up one morning and craved a little almond in my morning coffee. I know, rather madcap of me.

Now, it is summer in DC and that means swamp-like humidity. Just the morning walk from my front door to my car has me feeling like I need to shower all over again. It really is disgusting and this weekend is supposed to top 100° degrees. So hot coffee was out. Iced was in.

Turns out, iced coffee with almond is mighty fine. So I made my pot of coffee as usual, adding a little almond extract during the brewing process. When the pot was ready, I added an ample amount of honey. Now, add the honey while the coffee is still hot. Honey added to cold liquid just makes a mess. For a more sweet iced coffee that is not achingly sweet or chemical, add some agave nectar. Another new obsession of mine.

After the prep was done, I grabbed my trusty Ball jar, packed it to the top with ice, added an inch or two of milk and then filled the rest with the hot coffee.  Yum.

Why the Ball jar? I have discovered something quite nice about them. When I am ready to leave, I place the top on and put it in the refrigerator. The next morning, the ice is still there. No watered down coffee and no waste. Who knew? I don’t know how it does that but I am thinking it is the thickness of the drink. Soda does not have the same result.

I am off to Knoxville this weekend with Sadie and my Dad. We will be visiting my awesome sister, awesome brother-in-law and awesome nieces. Ooops, almost forgot, and my awesome nephew, Cosmo the Schnauzer. The weekend will be all about celebrating. Celebrating family. Celebrating with beer and celebrating my return to the also awesome used bookstore McKays. Um, awesome.

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