When Cosmo met Sadie

Cosmo Doyle: Miniature schnauzer, family protector and living a la mode enthusiast.

I was asked by someone recently, “why do you feature Sadie on the blog? What does she have to do with living a la mode?” The answer is simple, she is the being who caused me to slow down and evaluate what was important to me. The caninification of living a la mode if you will. I did not know how truly wonderful it would be to welcome a dog into my life until I adopted Sadie. She elevates everything, even the most basic experiences – walking, napping, watching TV – to extraordinary moments of serenity. How could I not feature her? If it was not for Sadie, I don’t think I would have arrived at my living a la mode mindset, let alone start a blog.

Oh and Schnauzers, particularly the miniature ones, love a good lifestyle blog. And Sadie posts are popular with this breed in particular. And I’m no fool. I am not going to alienate anyone or any living thing that can give me a page view.

2 thoughts on “When Cosmo met Sadie

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  1. I’m starting to get attach to Sadie! I had a beautiful (4 pounds) Yorkie for 12 years…I miss her soooooooo much…she gave me balance in my crazy life…

    I had to add the “4 pounds” detail because my husband’s always get a kick at it when I talk about my late “4 pounds” canine friend…lol…I cannot insist enough on the fact that my little Wendy was a…4 pounds little Yorky!!! 😀

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