Roundup: preserving food and memories, back to school shopping and affordable skin care

Allow me to share a few interesting links I accidentally stumbled on while working this week. No, really, I was working, for reals. The BBB Craft Sisters have a new Hunt, Gather and Host post on Design Sponge.... Quick Jams and Preserves Party. I so want to do this and I have my recent Ball Jar obsession to... Continue Reading →

Let’s look at those Christmas lists. Don’t have any written yet? Me neither!

Yep, not a one. Martha (genuflect) would have had several lists compiled. And they would have been an awesome series of lists. They  would have been on several spreadsheets with cross-references to other lists and other holidays and birthdays. I bet they would be color coded. But sadly I am not Martha.  (Though I will be attending... Continue Reading →

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