Oh doughnut peach, you had me at doughnut…

Did you know there is a peach out there that is known as a Doughnut peach? I didn’t. I was walking down by the produce section  of my local grocery the other day and the sign advertising them caught my eye. Well, actually, it was the doughnut part of the name that caused me stop and take notice. If it were advertised under any other of its monikers — Saturn, Chinese, Jupiter, flat, saucer — I would have just walked on by. And for all I know, I am telling you about something you all have known about for years. So if that is true, then you can still take something from this post. And that is this — I have obviously not been in a grocery produce section in a really, really long time.

A variety of white peach, the donut peach is somewhat sweeter than most peaches, lower acidity and very little fuzz. But what intrigues me most about this peach is its taste with the subtle almond overtones. Holla!

So of course, I googled for recipes. And to my surprise, I stumbled upon a recipe that appears to truly unite the simple and fresh peach with the sublime beauty of its nickname. A blog called Baking Obsession has a recipe called Ring of Saturn Peach “Doughnuts” with Vanilla Ice Cream. Double Holla! Now, I have not actually made this dessert, but the idea of replicating just might get me to roll my cart right back into the produce section again. Now if I could only find something similar for vegetables.

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  1. Oh! My Goodness…I’m sooooooo going to look for those “doughnuts” peaches next time I go to the market! I love baking with fresh fruits and this just gave a sublime taste in my mouth! 😀 Yummmmmmmm!!!!!

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