An unexpected encounter of the peach kind

White Peach Italian Ice. Photo courtesy of Judicial Peach

I stumbled upon an interesting blog post while logging on to WordPress today. It was on the Freshly Pressed page. It is from a blog called, get this, Judicial Peach. How awesome!

And it seems that, when I have an obsession, the object of that obsession seems to appear to me everywhere. There I am, innocently checking out the blogs featured and  bam! Peaches. And not only is there peach in this wonderful blog’s name, there is also a simple and sweet recipe for White Peach Italian Ice (left.)  I know, spooky. Now why can’t I unexpectedly stumble over, say, Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro like I stumbled over those doughnut peaches? This apparent exception forever remains a mystery to me.

Handmade Sea Salt Caramels. Photo courtesy of Judicial Peach.

Of course, I have to admit, it was the post for making Homemade Sea Salt Caramels (right) that first caught my attention.  Something I am sure to obsess over any moment now. Ooohh, Caramel AND Rodrigo. Okay, sorry, that budding obsession should have stayed inside my head. I digress.

I promised my work colleagues that I would not bake or make sweets for  a while since they pretty much eat everything I make for the blog. Don’t get me wrong, they appear to enjoy it but calorie-wise. The other week’s homage to the almond and almond paste nearly killed them. But just look at those caramels! Dear work colleagues, I apologize in advance.

Such sweet serendipity! And how wonderful and a la mode it all is. Stumbling on something peachy where I least expected. Continuing one obsession and discovering a possible future one. And when such simple ingredients are combined, they are elevated to even sweeter and tastier delights. Peaches and ice become Italian ices and butter, cream and sugar become sweet caramel. And I become very, very happy. And hungry.

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