My gift pantry is bare!

It appears I have not been practicing what I preach. After writing yesterday’s post on the necessity of maintaining a proper gift pantry I decided to do a quick inventory of my own. It was not pretty. A few ornaments, candles, a frame, some soap and a few children’s books and puzzles. It was pathetic. If it was not for the half full case of wine I have in my closet, I would be screwed if I received an invitation to dinner or an event. Thankfully most of my friends enjoy alcohol. And children’s puzzles. The two always make for a magical evening.

But the lack of items in my gift pantry also shows its effectiveness. The last year or two has been an emotional one for my family and let’s just say shopping, browsing and crafting has not been high on my list of things to do. As a result, the gift pantry was slowly emptied, stocked well enough to last me the last year or two. And for that time my gift pantry proved its value over and over and over. And my wallet thanks it for a job well done.

So it looks like we will both be starting from scratch on our respective gift pantries. Now excuse me, I have some lists to compile.

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