Perhaps my current obsession with poppies is timely. In the language of flowers, the poppy represents remembrance and this past weekend was one filled with remembrance, collectively and individually.  And poppies, particularly the red, have been used as a symbols in remembering those who have fallen in war. The bloom was beautifully memorialized in John McCrae's poem In Flanders Fields, a poem... Continue Reading →

Cravings: Have your next garden tea indoors

The mini red poppy teapot, $34.95 from, um, adorable. I am envisioning the table now. Who needs a centerpiece when every place setting will command attention? It would look lovely in my imaginary tea room in my imaginary beach house. I am thinking some tea and raspberry-topped almond poppy seed cookies would go nicely right about... Continue Reading →

Poppy goes the cookie

I found this recipe for Raspberry-Topped Almond Seed Cookies online at the Indianapolis Star website. Shortbread cookies with poppy seed and a little raspberry jam, so simple, so sweet, so yum. I have a feeling I will be playing with this recipe and substitute new extracts and jams in the near future. The cookies received positive feedback from... Continue Reading →

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