Cravings: Showered with poppies

Funny, I could blame my recent crush on changes in my medication, but they were adjusted long before I found myself smitten. What has me in a tizzy you ask? Why, a shower curtain. Crate & Barrel’s Unikko Black Shower Curtain ($59.95) to be exact. And being the thrifty gal I am, I have been talking myself out of it for several months now. It is not working, we are meant to be together.

When was the last time a shower curtain caught your fancy? Seriously, when? Most shower curtains are purchased the same way – we purchase the curtain we like the best out of a finite selection of ho-hum and blah. I mean really, it is a shower curtain. It keeps the inside of the tub wet and the outside dry. Does it really have to be aesthetically pleasing, let alone memorable?

But what can you do, when of all things, a shower curtain, haunts one’s thoughts. I am in love and there is no denying it. The graphic poppy print is both modern and whimsical. And damn it, I want whimsical. So I guess my answer to my previous rhetorical question  is, hell yes.

When I was a renter I had no say over the tile, the tub or the overall scheme of my bathroom. Now that I own, I still have no say over my tile, my tub and the overall scheme of my bathroom. That is because, like most of us, I am poor. Or at the very least, realistic. And in this economy, my money is going into my newly depleted emergency fund, not a redone bath.

So I can’t replace the tile or put in new fixtures in my bathroom. But I can change the entire look of my bath with one simple item, a shower curtain. A modern and whimsical shower curtain. And it is one that will put a smile on my face every morning. And that is pretty damn hard to do. Just ask Sadie.

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