Poppy goes the cookie

I found this recipe for Raspberry-Topped Almond Seed Cookies online at the Indianapolis Star website. Shortbread cookies with poppy seed and a little raspberry jam, so simple, so sweet, so yum. I have a feeling I will be playing with this recipe and substitute new extracts and jams in the near future.

The cookies received positive feedback from my testers, a.k.a. my work colleagues. So I highly recommend them if you are looking for a nice, simple, basic cookie that tastes anything but. I think the poppy seed sets the cookie apart from your average holiday offering.

If you bake these for the holidays I suggest be very, very careful with the packaging. These cookie can be fragile. So while they will go into the gift box looking lovely, upon opening, don’t be surprised to find raspberry jam and glazed crumbs of cookies strewn about the box. It will look like a crime scene.  Albeit, a tasty glaze-topped one. I recommend stacking them within a paper cupcake holder to keep them from falling to pieces on each other.

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