No surprise here….

Hi there. Yes, it’s been a while my friend. I know you have been waiting with bated breath for this post. I know Sadie is not surprised. Yep, the face says it all. Sadie does not suffer fools (that would be me,) or cotton/poly blends (that would be that unfortunate comforter pictured above,) lightly.

The fact that I know I suck does not help. I could say I have been busy facing off intellectually with a sociopath for the better part of a week. I could say my lack of posts is my self-destructive inner voice taking over and sabotaging my perceived ambitions. I could say that my eating mint chocolate chip ice cream while experimenting with my reinstated awesome meds is just making time fly. That would all be true.

But really, honestly, cold light of day I have admit, I suck. And Sadie is so very, very sorry.

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