Stop and smell the leaves…

It wasn’t until this weekend, walking with Sadie and her friend Maggie in Georgetown, that I really noticed … it really is Autumn. It was the crunching of the leaves under my feet that got me to stop and look up. Magic.

What is so magical about leaves in Autumn? In the winter, their absence is glaring. And it seems that after the first buds in spring appear, the only trees we tend to notice are those that blossom and flower. But Autumn, that is where the noble leaf takes center stage, capturing our senses and stirring our hearts. Vibrant golds, reds and oranges dance above us while the crunch of them beneath our feet draw attention to our action. Our stride becomes more  purposeful. The broken leaves beneath us release an earthy aroma that is unmistakable. It’s Autumn and you can smell it.

Their shapes and their hues – so abundant. Is it because the turning of leaves are tied to so many of life’s memorable moments? The start of school, Halloween, Thanksgiving? Is it a reminder to play outside before the days get too short? I don’t know, I just know it is one of my favorite times of the year. The sweet symphony of sight, smell and sound. The change is so drastic and appears so quickly. I think it is more subtle than that. I think we are slow to notice until it is glaringly obvious. So stop with me and enjoy a truly a la mode moment, because it is fleeting.

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