You have to start somewhere….a lesson in (a)corn-iness

My niece Kate had a baby outfit that I loved. Stitched on it was the phrase “Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow.” At least that is what I remember, it could be a paraphrase of that. Of course, a whole lot of luck and patience is involved. And with that luck, the acorn’s seedling will mature into oak tree. And that is something to behold.

I have a few acorns on my desk at work. They sit atop the platform I use to raise my computer monitor. That is actually them, up there, in the photo above. (Thanks Hipstamatic!)  I keep a few more on my desk at home. I am surrounded by acorns every fall because my home has a few oaks out front. And this time of year I can sit on my stoop and watch the acorns drop from the tree’s limbs. Sometimes on their own or with the help of one of the many crazy busy squirrels who harvest the yearly bounty. Sadie is also crazy busy this time of year as well, but it’s squirrels she wants to collect, not acorns.

Why keep acorns on my desk? Simple, they are reminder. A reminder that there is a starting point for everything. That at one time or another there is a seed of an idea or dream. And a dream needs nurturing, time and patience.

It seems lately these days we feel the need for the realization of those dreams to be as instantaneous as the idea and dream themselves. And I am no exception. And because of that, many of our grand ideas and dreams end up being quickly forgotten or dashed because they did not materialize fast enough for us.

Now, imagine if you put the same amount of time, patience and nurturing into your dream that you would put into growing an oak tree from an acorn? Sure, it won’t be overnight, but I bet the result would be spectacular. I bet the time will remind you to slow down and not rush through your dream. Isn’t living in the dream more fun? I bet your patience for yourself and for others will grow tenfold. And I bet that when you can allow yourself to nurture and love that dream completely and not just do what is required and expect perfect results, you will be blessed with a wisdom that is priceless.

Right now, this blog is my dream. It might not be my dream forever but until another calling comes along, I will take time, patience and nurture my blog. It started with a first post and slowly, over time, I have added to it. I have stumbled and failed and, as many of you know, put off. But I will be writing at my desk and I will look down and see my acorns and remember. I remember to take time and have patience. I remember that I write these posts because I love to write, not because I need to fill a blog. I have learned so much about myself and I have barely started.

So yes, mighty oaks from little acorns grow.

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