Jack-o-lanterns and an inferiority complex…sounds like a holiday to me

Every Halloween I think of getting a pumpkin and carving a jack-o-lantern. And it seems every Halloween I talk myself out of it. Why do I do that? I usually chalk it up to being single and figuring that it seemed like an awful lot of work for just me.

When I lived on East Capitol Street in DC, I decorated for the holiday and had dinner parties on Halloween evening. My friends came over for drinks and comfort food and we would sit out on my front lawn and hand out candy. Later, when they started having children of their own, they would bring them along too. My street was host to many a trick-or-treater. I am not exaggerating. So if you want to score major amounts of candy on Halloween head over to East Capitol Street between 3rd and 10th streets in Washington, DC. You will not be disappointed.

Now I live somewhere else and there are not as many little ghosts and goblins running around this neighborhood. And my friends with children would prefer to trick-or-treat in a location where they would be assured some treats. So my Halloween tradition of dinner ended and I gave many of my decorations to friends with children. No more Halloween for me.

I then realized I was an ass. Not just an average ass. A big giant one. Not for giving away all of my decorations or ending my Halloween night dinner. That was practical and just made good sense. It was the idea that I, as a single gal  did not need any decorations or a party because it was only me. A truly ass idea. The fact that I did not think I warranted a Jack-o-lantern? WTF? Yep, pure ass on my part.

And then of course, I got to thinking. Why is it that when we are single, or even when we are having a “just me” moment, we opt out of doing something fun or new or adventurous? Why do we feel that every moment, whether it is a holiday or a happy hour, we have to be surrounded by a cast of characters? Why can’t we enjoy our own one woman play and enjoy the crap out of it? Okay, maybe not happy hour, that is a little too barfly for me. Let’s go with hiking. Yes, hiking.

So what did I do? I went out and found the perfect little pumpkin. If you don’t want a giant pumpkin I suggest you go to the produce department and find what are called pie pumpkins. I decided, along with my lovely gourds, I would feature my own my very own jack-o-lantern and not care if I am the only person who ever sees it. Fu&*$in A L’oreal, I am worth it! So amongst my decorative gourds, for a few days at least, you will find my very own Sadie-o-lantern. I think I got the snaggletooth just right, don’t you?

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