Gift pantry score: A doggone good deal!

Pets like gifts too. In fact, anything with a squeaky in it and they pretty much pee themselves. I came across these dog toys by Zanies for $1.67 each at my local dog day care.  They appeared to be made well. They were nice quality and I would purchase one for Sadie. In fact, the idea that Sadie would like them is what caught my eye. So a little voice inside me said, good deal and buy them. So I did, I cleared the shelf of the five remaining. When I returned home I went online to price them. One site had them listed at $12 full retail. That is about an 85% discount. And funny enough, anything at an 85% discount and I pretty much pee myself.

I took them home with me and placed them in my gift pantry. Between Cosmo, Maggie, Rosie, Buster, Fisher and Snowball, I am pretty sure they will come in handy. Actually, Sadie will most likely be getting one to make up for my misguided idea of what would make for a fun Halloween. Sorry Sadie!

And that is the beauty of a gift pantry. I have something already on hand that I am happy to give to a friend, human or canine. I am pretty sure there are many humans who would love a squeaky toy. And the best part, I did not pay full price, so I could actually afford to give the gift.

Note: Not everything in the pantry has to be purchased on sale but it helps. Stumbling across the perfect gift months ahead of time necessitates the use of a gift pantry all on its own. Finding the perfect gift ahead of time on sale and a safe place to store it at home? Priceless.

So the dog toys have now joined my go-to case of wine and the myriad assortment of finds for friends and family in my gift pantry. And I know that the next time I want to make a friend – or a friend’s best friend – happy, I won’t have to leave my home or empty my wallet to do so.

Yeah, it will take more than chicken jerky to make up to Sadie for this. Squeaky toy it shall be!

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