Crostini’ing out my fridge

It was Saturday morning. I was looking in my refrigerator and wondering exactly what food would go bad before I returned home from Knoxville. I was leaving the following Tuesday and would be gone from home for almost a week. It was overwhelming. There were eggs, milk, apples and other perishables. So I did what I have done in previous such situations. I immediately went to the store and purchased a baguette. Doesn’t everybody?

Now I love eating. I think that is a well established fact. I am also frugal. So naturally, I hate watching food go bad after having spent money on it. Just rubs me the wrong way. So I have devised a method of creatively elevating the noble leftover with the even nobler baguette. I crostini’d the crap out of whatever perishable was on hand. My own simplified version of Iron Chef.

Here are a few of the more successful crostini’s from that weekend:

The french toast grand slam crostini: Slice the baguette on the diagonal into thin slices. I actually like mine thicker so I slice them close to an inch. Soak the bread in a mixture of two eggs and a few tablespoons of milk/cream/half and half or whatever dairy product you have on hand. Add a dash of vanilla.

Place the bread in a pan on the stove over medium heat and brown each side. When the french toast is done, remove from pan, wipe the pan quickly with a paper towel and then add the leftover egg and scramble. Top with some bacon if you have any on hand and drizzle with maple syrup.

I give the extra egg to Sadie but if you don’t have a dog, Sadie will be happy to come over and eat your leftover scrambled eggs. No questions asked.

 The grilled apple and cheese crostini:

This was probably my favorite of the day. I had a few apples. One was used for this crostini.

Take a few slices of your baguette and smear them with mustard. I had honey mustard and used that. But really, in keeping with the spirit of this post, use what you have. I then sliced apples really, really, really thin. I layered them on the mustard and sprinkled some leftover pre-shredded cheese I had in the fridge. Put them on a baking sheet and under the broiler until the cheese melted. I added some bacon to a few since I had some left over from breakfast. Yummers!

The apple and cream cheese crostini: I had several apples that I did not think would last the trip and I did not want to take them with me. I know me and I know I would end up tossing them after they got all bruised between my leaving the house and my destination and I would get all “eww, they are bruised and gross.” I know, rather obnoxious. I am currently working on my attitude. But until that is adjusted, I went with roasting them.

So I roasted some apples following the recipe I linked to a few posts ago from Joy the Baker. And thankfully, it was a success.

I did not have anymore eggs so I decided to soak the crostini bread in some half and half only. I cooked them as I would French toast, with a little butter. Once done, I spread some cream cheese that I mixed with a little powdered sugar. Granulated sugar or honey would work just as well.  I layered some of the apple mixture and sprinkled some more powdered sugar. I also added, um, dulce de leche, on one. I did have a liiittttttlllle bit left in the fridge. And as God is my witness, that leche was not going to go bad.

Is there nothing a baguette can’t do? Enjoy!

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