Thanksgiving centerpiece: The gourd, illuminated

Remember when I wrote about how I decided to display gourds instead of flowers this Autumn? How they are an equally festive and less expensive alternative? How they won’t die because they are already dead? No? That’s okay. I don’t remember what cereal I had for breakfast so who am I to judge? I do like to use gourds for more than just their ability to not rot though.  I find they also make for a great last-minute and inexpensive luminaries for your Thanksgiving table. Except for the fact that they are not made out of marzipan, they are pretty much perfect.

All you need is a knife and a tea light and, as my niece Meg likes to say, BOOM! A creative holiday tablescape. And the best part? There is no craftiness needed. No special skill other than to not maim yourself with the knife you use to cut the gourd. Unfortunately for me, that is a skill I have yet to master.

Other wonderful aspects of gourds as candle holders? They are not intrusive on the table. Unlike your more traditional tapered candles, they won’t get knocked over by passing dishes or block anyone’s view of their fellow guests. And as if you need anything else to convince you, they are biodegradable. I define biodegradable as something I can throw out without experiencing an overwhelming bout of guilt that I am destroying the planet. And that’s always a feel good moment.

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