The simple glass jar: Holiday cookie edition

Adorable! I know! And so very festive. And the best part, these are the tri-color cookies I made last July. I wanted to test out how long I could freeze these cookies and have them taste the same as the day they were made. Turns out, I can freeze them at least five months. I love you tri-color cookie!

But what makes this cookie gift adorable is the simple glass jar. Why pack up Christmas cookies in a tin or a box when they are already festive in appearance. I always have glass jars on hand so there was no running out to purchase something special for gift giving. I had on hand some remnants purchased from the local fabric store that I cut into small squares – no sewing required. Score!

Oh yes, and you might ask, what about the orange? The cookies have orange marmalade spread thinly between each layer. The Christmas Orange, you can’t escape it.

2 thoughts on “The simple glass jar: Holiday cookie edition

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  1. Mary — this is perfect. I was planning to pull out those old tins tonight to package some cookies. But I like your glass jar idea better so much more….Very fresh looking…Great

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