Elevating a treat to a decadent dessert, no baking required…

 Every now and then I get a craving for a rice crispie type treat, particularly when I want something sweet and I am not in the mood to set off my home’s smoke alarm. The only skills involved in making them are melting and stirring. Maybe that is why we really only ever see the simple crispie treat as a snack, not a dessert. Well, let’s elevate this crispy, marshmallow goodness. How you ask? Simple, dark chocolate. I mean, adding dark chocolate elevates everything. Except maybe adding some dark chocolate to dark chocolate. You can’t elevate perfection.

Melt the dark chocolate*  and then with a fork or spoon just drizzle that dark, tasty goodness on your treats. Dark chocolate really does go a long way so drizzle, don’t pour. Oh yes, and I cut out my treats with a circle cookie cutter to up their fanciness. Yep, that’s how I roll.  You’re impressed, I can tell.

*I like my coffee maker method best. I put the chocolate in a ceramic or glass bowl and place it on the heating element of my coffee maker. It slowly melts the chocolate and the chances of burning the chocolate is pretty much nil.

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