Behold, the Brownookie

Can you really elevate a brownie? I mean, really, is it possible? And yes, before you say it, I know, ice cream. Of course.  That is a la mode but not the a la mode I was looking for. I wanted to elevate the brownie before it was even out of the pan, before the ice cream was out of the freezer.  And thanks to my brilliant colleague Lindsay, I  found it.  And it shall be henceforth know as … the Brownookie.

I was introduced to this amazing concoction one day when Lindsay brought a batch in to work for a birthday celebration. At first I could not believe my eyes. Could it really be? Yes it was!  A pan of brownies and a pan of chocolate chip cookies all in one. This most holy union of sweetness was gobbled up pretty quick but sweet, sweet Lindsay saved me a piece. She dubbed it the Brownookie. It was good. I mean really good. I mean slap your mama good. So good that I really had no choice. I had to make them myself.  But I had to be able to give them away  or I would be in serious trouble. Sweet, sweet, and divine chocolate-y trouble.

So I found a reason. I needed to thank a few people at work who have been really helpful over the last few weeks (most notably Lindsay, for bringing the Brownookie into my life.) Okay, I guess I did not NEED to thank them. I wanted to (make Brownookies) thank them.  And these treats are so easy to make. Just take your favorite brownie and chocolate chip cookie recipes,* from a box or from scratch, and combine. Pour the brownie batter in a pan and then dollop the chocolate chip cookie dough throughout. Follow the baking directions for the brownies. Ta da!!! Trust me, people will be impressed. Now I just need to find just the right flavor of ice cream.

*I wanted to make mine really rich so I opted to use dark chocolate. A lot of dark chocolate. So for the brownies I used Hershey’s special dark cocoa powder. For the chocolate chip cookies, I used their special dark chips.

The brownie recipe I recommend is from Tasty Kitchen and can be found here. They are moist and delicious and probably the easiest brownie recipe out there. The recipe for the cookie can be found here.  Actually I found the recipe on the back of the bag of Hershey’s Special Dark chips but this is the same.

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