Peeps, a pop of psychology and chocolate.

Oh Peeps, how I have missed you. I know you are available all year-long now but I have to say, for me, you are and always will be Easter. And while I know I am a big proponent of adding chocolate to, well, just about everything, I think with you I shall show some restraint. You see, I saw that you now come covered in dark and milk chocolate and the first thing I did, aside from a dance in the middle of the seasonal aisle of Safeway, was to purchase you, take you home with me and make you mine. Oh the idea of you covered in chocolate was lovely. But the execution, so wrong.

Oh Peep, what happened?

It appears that in their zeal to elevate your tasty goodness by coating you in chocolate,  the peeps at Peeps failed to realize they were completely covering up your signature feature. What might that be? Why,  I refer to your crusty and sugary coating. The feel and taste of your crusty outer sugar shell is what elevates you from a mere marshmallow to the holiday treat we dream about during Lent. And somehow, completely covering you in chocolate might actually be too much of a good thing. Who knew? Plus the lack of definition has you looking like a misshapen MallowMar. I mean, come on Peeps.

So, knowing me, I had to find a way to elevate the Peep with chocolate and not destroy the inherent goodness of the Peep. If only for my own curiosity. And, yes, knowing me, I had to find a deeper meaning in my Peepquest. And damned if I didn’t. So here it goes…

A little chocolate, a little sugar, a lot of yum.

Quite often, when we think we are making something better, we concentrate too much on what “it” does not have and forget what the “it” was that made us fall in love with “it.” In this case the “it factor” being a Peep’s tasty outer shell.  Well, we can stop and love the Peep just as it is. A Peep is a Peep and there really is not substitute. Or we can give in a little to our desire of wanting more and add to it. But, and here is the important part, when we add to whatever we are adding to, perhaps we should not add so much that we forget what it is we are adding too. Head hurt yet? I guess, what I am getting at is there is a reason why we want to elevate something we love. And we first love it for what it is. So don’t lose the Peep for the chocolate. So I decided to return to the original Peep. I opted to dip only a part of each one in some dark chocolate and not cover them completely.  The rich chocolate was a wonderful addition and the original sugary coating a wonderful finish. Peeps, they’re deep.

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