Slowly coming out of a la mode hibernation

Yeah, it has, um, been a while. But I have been thinking about you. For reals. I may not have actually created a post and, well, wrote it down. But if it helps, I was still living my life and thinking in blog form. That should count for something right?

What is thinking in blog form you ask? Why, I will tell you. It is living a la mode. I approached each day, each moment, thinking, hmmmm, how would I use this for my blog. Sure, I never wrote it down, but thinking it actually affected how I did something. Not writing whatever I was doing down did not take away from the moment. Thinking about how I would write about did add to my sense of wonder or my appreciation.  I became more mindful. It has been wonderful.

And as a writer I must confess, not writing is often the most important aspect of writing. Forget rewriting. Sometimes, the last thing you need to be doing when composing a thought is putting pen to paper. Or in this case, finger to key.

So what have I been not writing about? Well, mostly the direction of my life, and as a result, my blog. I came to the conclusion that I was writing a blog in a structure that was not agreeing with my living an actual life. Neither was organic. Living a la mode was becoming a chore. I started forcing themes and trends and observations to fit in with an editorial calendar. The last thing I want to do is live according to an editorial calendar. That means I need to be in the throes of Halloween in July or decorating for Christmas in September. I want to live in September in the actual month of September.

Why hello there

So I shall begin a la mode-ing all over again. Yep, and that begins now. With me writing this post. And the next post may have absolutely nothing to do with this post. Or it could have everything to do with this post. Wonderfully, I have no idea what I will be writing about next week. Some posts will be about my journey over the last few months. Other posts about my journey over the last few decades. Some posts will be about my latest obsession (I recently realized, I can have three simultaneous obsessions starting and ending in only a twelve-hour period.) Or I will write a post about the mango pitter I have been longing for to finally arrive in the mail. Or perhaps I will write a post about the thank you note I have yet to write and send. Of course I will write about Sadie. My bad, I mean I will obsessively write about and photograph Sadie. And, more often than not, I will write about nothing in particular. Very a la mode.

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