Indulging my inner lookie-lou

The lovely Maggie

No crafty or foodie post today. I am in Georgetown dog sitting for my friends Craig and Jack. They are vacationing in Zanzibar. Yes, Zanzibar is a real place and not some mythical land like Xanadu. I went to Indianapolis a few weeks ago. Practically the same thing.

Miss Maggie is the lovely lady I am watching. Maggie is probably Sadie’s oldest friend. She is a Wheaton Terrier with excellent hosting skills. She is too polite actually, allowing Sadie to act like she owns the place.  After almost two weeks I am looking forward to Craig and Jack returning. But during this time I have been reminded of one of the reasons I love this time of year. Particularly early evening this time of year. The sun sets earlier and earlier and blinds that have been open all day stay open. Yep, this time of year allows my inner looky-lou to come out.

I love getting to peak inside the many homes I walk by.  I could care less about the residents, I love seeing the rooms. The fanciful colors I would never have thought go in a living room. Fireplace mantels filled with photographs and the artworks displayed on the walls. And you know you do it too. The pages of the design magazines and catalogs can’t begin to compete with these rooms that, even empty of people, are full of life. I remember driving home from Brooklyn with my family, looking at all the lights in the buildings and brief glimpses of life as we drove. Homey dioramas brought to life.

But this time of year is brief. Soon, the blinds will stay shut most of the day and we will all retreat into our cocoons for the winter. Closed drapes will keep the chilly weather at bay. And my walks with Sadie will have more purpose. To get in and get warm. And my inner lookie-lou will retire until next year.

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