Saving me from and for myself … sort of.

Photo via Living a la Mode

Hey! Yeah, been a while. I have been busy completely overhauling my life. I have done it at least three times since October. Seriously, it is exhausting. But we can catch up later. For now, let’s talk money.

I have a feeling you will agree with me that there is one true constant in my life. And that constant is my inconsistency in all  endeavors. This is true particularly when it comes to budgeting, saving and spending. (Fine, and blogging) So when I saw a crafty and, more importantly, SIMPLE way to save my receipts I jumped on it.

I came across this wonderful idea at (one of my favorite new blogs and my obsession from mid January through February.) Hey, I am all for  finding new uses for my beloved glass jar.

If I had a nickel for every receipt I have never put in my assigned  accordion folder, manila folder, plastic container, decorative box or coffee can, let alone a nickel for every dollar spent on accordion folders, manila folders, plastic containers, decorative boxes and coffee cans, well, you get it. But the problem is, that, with me, out of sight means out of mind. So finding a way where I can save my receipts and keep them directly in my line of sight, I pounced on it.  Plus, it is a cute reminder every time I look at it that even though I think I am not spending money that I really am. We always spend way more than we think we do.

I love my January jar and my February (behind the January) is pink and stamped and adorably Valentine-like. But as with all things I do, I lost a little momentum. I am still saving all my receipts but for March (not pictured) but that jar has no cute stampings or decorations. I worry May is going to end up being a plain old glass. Yeah, these attempts at consistency can be a bitch.

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