Heart-shaped? Yes. Heart healthy? No. Heartfelt? Always.

ImageEver since I made biscuit doughnuts at my sister’s home in Tennessee (well, and then again at my own home) I have been dying to deep fry again. Gotta strike while the obsession is hot right?

So after making the doughnuts I had a whole lot of used canola oil that needed to be recycled. Why waste perfectly good frying oil?  Then I thought, I have not sliced my finger open on my mandolin lately, so why not fry up some potato chips. This led me to remember that I have not spilled blood lately, so why not heart-shaped potato chips? One could also use opt for a bunny or chick shaped cookie cutter since it is Easter. Though, the potato does lend itself to an egg shape naturally.**

  • ImagePrepare oil by bringing it to 350 degrees and season it. The doughnuts left no flavoring on the oil so for the chips I seasoned the oil with rosemary.
  • Peel potatoes if you want, but there really is no need. Besides, I believe the skin is pretty nutritious. Though frying it in oil probably negates any health benefits.
  • Slice the potatoes with a mandolin super thin and on the side that will give enough room for whatever shaped cookie cutter you want to use. Then use said cookie cutter on potato slice.
  • Put the slices in a big bowl of ice water, it keeps them from browning and removes the starchy substance that forms on the slice.
  • Pat the slices dry on a paper or kitchen towel before placing in oil.
  • Fry slices for a few minutes.
  • When you take them out of the oil, sprinkle with salt….I honestly don’t know how long I fried mine. I pretty much waited until the chips started to turn a light brown. I then took them out and they did continue to harden while cooling.



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