Bacon truly makes everything better

Hi all! I got back from Pittsburgh on Sunday evening and between computer issues and work stress I have not posted. So do allow me to present you with just one photo. A beautiful photo. A photo of one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen, smelled and tasted.  Yes, this is a photo of a maple glazed doughnut topped with bacon. And it tasted even better than it looks. I will post some about my latest jaunt the Steel City later but for now, for my serenity and your a la mode pleasure, I present to you the “Maple Bacon Donut” from Peace, Love and Little Donuts located in Pittsburgh’s Strip District.  Isn’t it beautiful?

photo via living a la mode

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  1. So this is my second trip to Jenn’s so you know you are next on my list! And if anything gives this a run for its money is the pistachio macaroon at Mike’s Pastry!

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