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buddahSometimes I need to take a breath and remind myself of all the good in the world, particularly the good people. It is so easy to get wrapped up in negative energy and toxic people. Stop and think, I bet you know more positive people than toxic. The problem is, we sometimes give the haters too much of our time. It is the same with email. Yeah, follow me on this,  I promise, I just might make sense.

One day, I realized that when  I opened my personal email, all I would see is the negative and useless crap. The junk from sites I registered to and will need, but don’t need to see every email they send. The emails from angry, bitter and toxic people whose mere email address can disappoint.

This was not good. I dreaded opening my email. I would hold my breath and hope for the best. Even something as small as an email inbox could add stress and negativity to my world. And I did not need to add, life has offered enough without any help from me. So I decided on a plan of action.

I may be simplifying most of my life, but when it comes to email, I have opted to multiply. I do this because if everything went to my main email address, the emails that bring a smile to my face would be overshadowed by the emails of little substance and negativity. Worse, they could be overlooked completely.

I made one small change, okay, two, and it is making a huge difference. I have added an email that I use for friends and family and anything, like when I refinanced, that would be important to track and would have an obvious end date in terms of receiving email. I have another for all the blogs that I subscribe to so when I pull it up I have an entire inbox of pleasure. Forgot my Kindle or a book? No problem, scroll the email on my phone.  And I have a third email I use when dealing with various organizations I am a member of,  miscellaneous coupon sites I registered on, retail sites I register and bat shit crazy people I can’t seem to unregister from. They all add up. Fast.

I created the new email instead of making folders within my one account mainly because when I access my email it is usually on my phone and, more importantly, I am simple-minded. Adding a new email account on my phone immediately distinguishes what is important from what is crap. Sending emails directly to a file still requires you to wade through emails that have yet to be categorized and I have enough trouble remembering my email password, let alone creating dozens and dozens of folders and remembering which ones I need to check.  That is, if I was smart enough to have created a command to send certain emails to certain folders. If an email arrives in one email box, I read it as soon as I can. If it arrives in another I save for later, and if it arrives in another, I get to mostly ignore it.  

So take a moment and look at your inbox. When you open it does it cause you stress? Or do you open and see people you love and interesting emails  you want to read? Or do you  immediately focus on the negative people and crap and miss all the good that is hiding in there.

So simplifying is wonderful. And in most areas of my life I will continue to do it. But instead of paring down to only having one email address, try adding a new one. It has made all the difference in my world.


Oops, I meant, zen, a la mode.

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