Broken foot, broken heart.

Sadie pondersSo I broke my foot. I done broke my foot good. I broke it more than two weeks ago. I broke my foot and have learned soooo much. I have had profound epiphanies regarding my issues with co-dependence. I have had constructive and profound moments with family and friends. But for now, all I can address is my profound sadness. You see, because I have broken my foot, I am without my beloved Sadie.

I have updated my contacts in my iPhone and now everyone has first and last names, phone numbers and addresses. I have combined my auto, home and umbrella insurance. I have cleaned out all of my emails so there is not a single spam or junk email to be found. I actually have a file with every log on and password in my life documented.  I have reconnected with friends I have not seen in years. I have not one stray piece of paper in my home. I can honestly say, I miss work. But really, sadly, all I have managed to do today is polish off a four pack (or two) of cheap white zinfandel missing my beloved chug.

Sadie has been staying with my dear friend Kerry and her family. The family includes a loverly rat terrier named Rosie. And while I am happy Sadie is enjoying a backyard where she can lay in the sun and playmate to enjoy it with, I am sad that it is not with me. So, while I will eventually wax philosophic on all that my broken bones have taught me, I can’t think of anything but my missing Sadie. And all I can think of right now, aside from the fact that I have polished off a four pack (or two) of cheap white zinfandel, is that I will get to see my beloved Sadie tomorrow on Memorial Day. And what a memorable day it shall be.

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