Color my world. Just color it without me.


I am getting my place painted next week. The entire place will be painted – the walls and ceilings of every room and every closet. And I am not painting it myself.

Sure, I should be able to paint it myself at a fraction of the cost. Yeah, that works in theory, but not so much in practice. Sometimes you have to know your limits and spend wisely rather than to save foolishly. And we know how I feel about the word should. So hello limit, how are you? I am Mary, and I am not going to paint.

Why am I having someone come in and paint the place for me? The first reason is that I am also having some drywall work done and the gentleman who is painting my place will also be performing this task. Shockingly, I don’t do drywall. But the primary reason I will be handing the brushes off to a professional is, well, because I am me.

For those near and dear to me who have witnessed me paint in the past this will come as no surprise. When I paint, most of the paint ends up on my clothes, in my hair and smeared all over my floor. I humorously attempted to paint my bathroom white several months ago. It was white before, just a different shade of white. I did a terrible job. You would not think that painting a white wall white would be something one could screw up. You would be so very wrong. Or you just have not met me.

I want to bring color into my home and I want to keep my nice hardwood floors. I want paint on the ceiling and the walls and not in my hair or on my clothes.  I want my condo to be a place of respite and not a place where I look around with regret. So yes, dear limit, welcome to my home.

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