Candy canes: The perfect way to elevate an ordinary treat to a festive one


Peppermint, oh peppermint, how I love thee, let me count the ways. Well, actually let me focus on the best way, the holiday a la mode magic way, the candy cane. Want to add a little Christmas to something? Just add candy cane. Hang it, crush it, sprinkle some on top, candy canes make ordinary treats extraordinarily festive.

IMG_6745Don’t believe me? Well did you even look at the photo above? What is wonderful is that if you can’t bake or don’t want to bake, you can just make, oh, I don’t know, some crispy treats. Well, make them and add some crushed candy cane on top and BAM, Christmas.  No need trying to mold them in to the shape of trees or wreathes or dying them green. They NEVER look good that way. NEVER. Really, please, don’t do that to crispy treats. I am begging you, don’t.  Just sprinkle some holiday magic, aka chocolate and peppermint, on top and voila!

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