Have a very spooky Christmas

IMG_0008I love my Halloween Christmas ornaments. I used to host a Halloween party every year. The street I lived on was crazy for Halloween and I am not exaggerating when I say we received hundreds of trick-or-treaters every year. Because I lived in a studio apartment, I would host my one party of the year on Halloween since we would all sit out in my building’s front yard and hand out candy. The party became such a tradition that my dear friend Jenn gifted me with Halloween ornaments one year for Christmas. I have since moved but I was reminded of those many fun Halloweens when I placed these ornaments on my tree.

IMG_0004Halloween does not corner the market on spooky stuff when it comes to holidays. Christmas can be spooky too. There are lots of scary things about Christmas, like fruit cake or plum pudding. Did you know there are no plums in plum pudding? And did you know that there is a spice called mace and yellow raisins in it.   I thought mace was something you used to fend off attackers and, well, yellow raisins, there really is no reason for their existence. I think there are really only two uses for yellow raisins: plum pudding and fruitcake. I know, scary.

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