Pumpkin patches, pumpkin ornaments and pumpkin seed brittle, sounds like Christmas!

IMG_0007October of last year I decided to send an email to a couple of friends who live in the DC area, have children and who might be going to a pumpkin patch.  You see,  I wanted to join in.  I am pretty sure I have never been to a pumpkin patch before. My apologies to my family if I have already been to one, I just must have been was too young to remember or something has caused me to block it out of my memory.  And while I am good with doing many things solo, I just did not feel visiting a pumpkin patch screamed solitary sojourn. That year Ana and her family let me tag along. This year my friend Kerry and her family let me join them.

I commemorated this year’s trip with a holiday ornament. Now, not every event in my life is represented by an ornament, but when the moment presents itself (and in this instance it presented itself as a fully stocked gift shop) I pounce. When I went pumpkin picking with Ana and her family there were no gift shops, no ornaments, just pumpkins. And perhaps some gourds, just pumpkins and gourds. But that is okay. The ornament I purchased this year to remind me of this year’s trip has the added pleasure of bringing back memories from last year’s trip. Not every ornament is restricted to one event and one event only. This one will represent the pumpkin patches I have visited with friends in the past and, I hope, all of the future pumpkin patch visits waiting for me in the future.

But it is Christmastime and what do pumpkins and pumpkin seeds have to do with Christmas? Oh I don’t know, maybe just lots of awesome stuff, like brittle.  Pumpkin seeds are tasty. Roasted pumpkin seeds are tastier. Pumpkin seed brittle is tastiest of them all.

IMG_9998I came across this recipe in Bon Appetite. Why hello easy candy you can make and give this holiday season. Brittle is a popular candy this time of year. Peanut brittle is everywhere, but mostly next to the chocolate covered cherries on the seasonal shelves of your finer drugstores. What is wonderful about this recipe is that there are no peanuts! So now you can give this brittle this holiday season without worrying about people with nut allergies. I am looking forward to making it with my lovely goddaughter Meg, who will now taste brittle for the first time this Christmas.

Now my brittle did not come out as dark and pretty as Bon Appetite’s but according to my colleagues at work, it tasted mighty fine as is. So pumpkin patch ornament and pumpkin brittle? Merry Christmas everyone!


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