Coming to my cents-es.

Photo via pixmac/ phbcz I am going to make a couple of resolutions, right now. It has been brewing for a while now.  They are not New Year’s resolutions, since it is already late January. Who says that one can only resolve to change once a year? Actually, I will be taking a cue from several blogs I have been devouring as of late. And one cue from my own, making one small change at a time.

I will give up or change a habit for one month, every month. This resolution is courtesy of  Zen Habits.

I will begin by having February be the first month. During the month of February I will spend almost –next-to-nothing. This, via the Frugalista. I picked up her book while in Tennessee over the holidays and agree with her that opting to not spend is best done during the shortest month.  (Exceptions will be factored in before the first of the month to factor in budgeted monies for necessities like gas and food.)

I resolve to continue to rid my home of all my extra, superfluous crap that I have wasted years and good money acquiring. And I resolve to continue reading blogs such as Mr. Money Mustache and Get Rich Slowly and slowly and steadily build up a savings so I can work when I want and at what I want.

It could take a year. It could take years. But that is okay, I can wait. Besides, I will still be living life a la mode. Just because I am pinching pennies does not mean I will stop trying to find something extraordinary in what some may see as only ordinary. After all, I will need to do something to occupy my time while I build my bank account from ordinary to extraordinary. 


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