First day of Frugal February down and all I want to do is spend.

Photo via pix mac and DLeonis

First day of frugal (no unnecessary spending) February is down. I am hoping this one change in my habits will create several improvements in my life. I hope it will improve my willpower (I mean, I am pretty much starting from zero, so how could it not.) I hope by allowing me to give up needless spending my savings will improve greatly. And , as a result of greatly improving my savings, greatly improve my peace of mind. No pressure February, no pressure. 

Because I am not allowed to spend any money on anything but a necessity*, I naturally wanted to walk down to H Street and enjoy a beer and a good book.** Of course I thought that. All I wanted to do was what I was not allowed to do. The idea to head out for a beer only came to me because I am not allowed to spend any money. I could easily enjoy a book with one of my few remaining beers at home but that had no appeal. I vowed to spend money on only on the basic necessities for the next 28 days (minus one lunch.)

February is going to be a very long month.

*I will be going out to one lunch with a friend. The lunch was planned ahead of my making February about no spending. 

**I realize that it could be argued that enjoying a pint at a local pub while reading a good book is, in fact, a necessity. But on day one I shall err on the side of probably not. I do however reserve the right to revisit this debate in a couple of weeks.

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