Elevating my bank account one latte at a time

As I am preparing my lunch for tomorrow, I am reminding myself that small changes in my spending will make for great big changes in my bank account. And did I mention there were a few unexpected layoffs at work again? Yeah, Mama needs a bigger emergency fund.

So as I make my PB&J I am also reflecting on my coffee habit.

If I purchase a coffee every day I go into work I would be spending $2.20 a day, $11.00 a week, $44.00 a month and, sadly, $526.00 a year. And that is for just a large coffee.

Then there is the occasional fancy coffee I might get in the afternoon, a quick pick-me-up treat. I deserve the occasional treat. What is occasional? Oh, maybe one time a week. That would be $3.50 a week, $14.00 a month and $182.00 a year.

That would be $708.00 a year total. Yes, $708.00 on coffee. And I am not even including the java that goes with brunch on the weekends. A four night, round-trip vacation to Milan starts at $899.00 at go-today.com. My last exotic vacation spots were Indianapolis, Blacksburg and Knoxville. So yes, I will continue to drink coffee. I will just mostly be brewing it at home. You see, the next time I purchase coffee five days in row it will be because I am overseas in Italy, sitting in a café and living la dolce vita.

Now, I am not saying to never purchase an occasional coffee, fancy or otherwise. I wait all year for my peppermint mocha and eggnog lattes. But having one every day, or even once a week, not only takes the fancy out of my coffee but also the fancy out of my bank account.

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